Morphological Catalogue Of The Craters Of Mars.

J. F. Rodionova, K. I. Dekchtyareva, A. A. Khramchikhin, G. G. Michael, S. V. Ajukov,
S. G. Pugacheva, V. V. Shevchenko. Editors: V.V. Shevchenko, A.F. Chicarro.

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The coordinates, diameters, altitudes and morphological features of all the craters of Mars exceeding 10 km in diameter, totaling 19 308, are compiled. The morphological features included are the degree of rim degradation, the presence of terraces and faults, central peaks, pits, hills, chains and fissures, dark material on the crater floor, fluidized ejecta, the character of the crater floor and surrounding surface and albedo. Designations, where given by the IAU, are presented in both Latin and Russian transcription. Statistical summaries of quantity and density in various forms are presented in tables, charts and maps.

The catalogue is intended for use by investigators of Mars, students, in comparative planetology and in the selection of craters for naming.

The catalogue is available for download:
in text format
and in Excel format

System of classification

SAI Index

A sequential index number, allocated in descending order of diameter, craters of equal diameter being ordered by ascending latitude, then longitude.

Latitude, Longitude

Location of crater centre, recorded to nearest 0.1 degree.


Mean of North-South and East-West diameters in kilometres, measured from the rim peak. For craters with significant ellipticity, the minor diameter is recorded here.


Surface altitude in kilometres.

Ejecta range/major axis

Range of ejecta in kilometres, if present, or major diameter, if crater is elliptical (according to classification of Special features below).

Special features

0 none
1 ejecta
2 bright ejecta
3 elliptical
4 volcanic origin (caldera)

Rim degradation

1 highly preserved rim
2 preserved rim
3 smoothed rim
4 degraded rim
5 wholly degraded rim

Terraces and faults

0 no terraces, no faults
1 one terrace
2 many terraces
3 one fault
4 many faults
5 one terrace and one fault
6 many terraces and one fault
7 one terrace and many faults
8 many terraces and faults

Peaks and circular ridges

0 no peaks and no circular ridges
1 one peak
2 many peaks
3 circular ridges
4 one peak and circular ridges
5 many peaks and circular ridges

Hills and ridges

0 no hills and no ridges
1 one hill
2 many hills
3 one ridge
4 many ridges
5 one hill and one ridge
6 many hills and one ridge
7 one hill and many ridges
8 many hills and ridges

Central pit

0 no pit
1 pit

Fissures and chains

0 no fissures and no chains
1 one fissure
2 many fissures
3 one chain
4 many chains
5 one fissure and one chain
6 many fissures and one chain
7 one fissure and many chains
8 many fissures and chains

Character of floor

1 flat
2 rough

Dark material on the crater floor

0 no dark material
1 dark material

Local terrain

1 plain
2 highland
3 transitional zone

Internal cratering

0 no craters
1 one crater
2 many craters

Local albedo

1 dark
2 intermediate
3 light

Sample craters

class1.jpg (16213 bytes)
a - degradation class 1
class1b.jpg (38027 bytes)
b - degradation class 1, with central peak
class2b.jpg (13752 bytes)
c - class 2
class2.jpg (17418 bytes)
d - class 2
class3.jpg (13300 bytes)
e - class 3
class4.jpg (14510 bytes)
f - class 4
class5.jpg (13255 bytes)
g - class 5
ejecta.jpg (33517 bytes)
h - with fluidised ejecta
elliptical.JPG (36346 bytes)
i - elliptical
pit.jpg (34474 bytes)
j - with central pit
raycrater3.JPG (40460 bytes)
Crater SAI 2812 with ray system.
Sample craters of different morphological categories.