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Scientific research

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The scientific and other interests of the departments staff are described on their personal pages.

  Name Position E-Mail Telephone Room
Aleksei Berezhnoi Aleksei Berezhnoi Senior Researcher 939-10-29 47
Vladimir Busarev Vladimir Busarev Leading Researcher 939-10-29 47
Ekaterina Kozlova Ekaterina Feoktistova Researcher 939-10-29 47
Mikhail Goryachev Mikhail Goryachev Leading Engineer 939-10-29 47
Sergei Ivanov Sergei Ivanov Leading Engineer 939-16-49 46
Evgeniy Lazarev Evgeniy Lazarev Researcher 939-10-29 47
Gregory Michael Gregory Michael Postgraduate 939-10-29 47
Aleksandr Popov Aleksandr Popov Leading Engineer 939-16-49 46
Svetlana Pugacheva Svetlana Pugacheva Senior Researcher 939-16-49 46
Zhanna Rodionova Zhanna Rodionova Senior Researcher 939-16-49 46
Mikhail Sinicin        
Vladislav Shevchenko Vladislav Shevchenko Head of Department 939-10-29 47
Tatyana Skobeleva Tatyana Skobeleva Researcher 939-10-29 47

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Scientific researche
Scientific research
90th anniversary of the birth of Yu. N. Lipsky.
90th anniversary of the birth of Yu. N. Lipsky


Works and publications of employees of the department, accessible on a site.

The International Jubilee Symposium
The scientific results of space research of the Moon

Lunar craters named in honor of members of the institute


Луна 3
Luna 3
Луна 9
Luna 9
Зонд 3
Zond 3
Луноход 1
Lunokhod 1
Lunokhod 2


Contact information

Our address is:

Lunar and Planetary Department
Sternberg State Astronomical Inst.
Moscow University
Universitetskij prosp., 13
Moscow 119899, RUSSIA

Head of Department Shevchenko V.V.
Electronic mail address: 
Telephone: 095-939-10-29

Web address:

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